Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

— Written By Chicken

We have all heard the old adage good fence make good neighbors. As livestock farmers we know that to be true because neighbors do not like livestock in their yards, gardens, trees, etc. We cannot blame them because we don’t want them in our yards, gardens, equipment sheds, or hay fields. After a long wet winter of eating grain and dry hay livestock are ready for grass and they will keep it eaten down on their side of the fence before pasture turn out is ready. This creates pastures that look overgrazed while the other side of the fence grasses continues to grow untouched. The temptation is more than the livestock can bear and they will begin to look for a weak place in the fence.

As farmers it is our responsibility to minimize the nuisance that livestock can create. We cannot plan and predict every time a tree falls on the fence or a water gap is washed out but we can do our part to ensure that fences are up and functional. Spend time making sure posts are replaced and wire is not broken. This will allow you to spend more time doing things you need to do and hopefully more of the things you want to do. I know the feeling of looking at your ringing phone and dispatch says there is livestock out again.

Take time this year to make improvements to your operation. There will always be things to do, but it will be there tomorrow. Make your improvements and enjoy your operation. Replace the baling twine holding up your fence and spend a little extra money and time to utilize the wire that was made to fence. You work hard as a farmer and you deserve to look back and enjoy it with your family. Fix your fences and invite the neighbors over for a hamburger or a lamb chop!