National 4-H Week

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4-H sign in yard

National 4-H sign reading #Opportunity4All containing a 4-H clover.

It’s National 4-H Week which means it is time to celebrate the 6 million young people participating in 4-H and the many opportunities that 4-H provides to young people ages 5-18 through 4-H clubs, school enrichment, and 4-H camp.

You may see signs floating around Ashe County with a large green clover and the hashtag: “Opportunity 4All.” You might ask, “What are those signs for, and why ‘#opportunity4all’?” This year’s campaign focuses on the widening opportunity gap facing 55 million young people in America, and the commitment of 4-H to bridge that gap so that all young people have equal opportunities in order to thrive. In 4-H, we believe in the potential of all children, and the power of young people.

If you would like to learn more about 4-H opportunities available in Ashe County, please email Caroline Goss, Extension Agent, 4-H at for more information.

Happy National 4-H Week!