District Activity Day

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District Activity Day

If you are familiar with 4-H, then you might already be familiar with District Activity Day. But there are many people who have not heard of District Activity Day or have heard of it but aren’t sure what it is. District Activity Day, or “DAD,” is an opportunity for young people ages 5-18 to develop knowledge in a particular subject area and then present their knowledge at District Activity Day. Youth compete against other young people in the same subject category and age range, and place accordingly, for a chance to compete at the state competition.

This year, District Activity Day will be structured differently due to COVID-19, and presentations will occur virtually, unlike previous years in which this event occurred at a selected “host county” within the district. For more information about District Activity Day 2020, check out the following links:

DAD Presentation Basics

Presentation Categories

Guidelines and Tips for Video Presentations

Young people who wish to compete in District Activity Day should register in 4HOnline and submit their presentation via online form.

Please reach out to Caroline Goss, Extension Agent, 4-H, at caroline_goss@ncsu.edu for questions or additional information.