Smoothies With Ms. Rhonda

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Rhonda Church, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Educator, at the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Ashe County Center wanted to reach out to students during COVID-19. Teachers are looking for interesting activities for their students while they are learning at home. Rhonda always provides a simple healthy snack during EFNEP programming in the schools. Smoothie Day was always what students looked forward to the most so she decided to create a video encouraging students to use what ingredients they have at home to make their smoothie. Students and teachers at Ashe County Schools were excited to get the video and it is wonderful to see them excited to make healthy snacks at home.

Student Watching Smoothie Video

“Our second graders are always excited and attentive during Ms. Church’s lessons. Now that we are in remote learning at home, students are sharing stories and pictures of the activities they are doing at home from her recorded lessons.”   – R. Nethery

“Our second graders are amazed by the information they learn from Ms. Rhonda in a fun, creative way. They learn how to make healthier choices and the benefits from doing so. They are always surprised that the healthy snacks she brings in for them taste so good. She inspires them all to take better care of themselves.”  – K. Mullis

“Students love when Ms. Rhonda teaches them. They love learning about food, how to be healthy, and how to make new snacks.”  – S. McLeese

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